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NEW!  All Rockstair Sheep are now dual-registered!*

      2021 Lambs For Sale
If you wish to purchase a 2020 lamb, please contact us via phone or email.  A $100 deposit is required to reserve a registered 2020 Babydoll lamb for purchase after weaning.  Deposit is refundable in the event that a lamb of your desired sex and color is not available at the end of lambing season.  Balance is due before your chosen lamb can be released for pickup or shipment at 10 weeks of age.  Buyer pays for shipping if it is required, which must be mutually arranged.  Lambs are guaranteed to be healthy when released with no known defects or diseases. No warranty is made regarding the health of the animal after it leaves our property.

2021 Babydoll Lamb Prices
White Ewe  $700
Black Ewe  $800
White Ram  $500
Black Ram  $600
Wether (w or b)  $350

The world's cutest, gentlest, most adorable pets and lawnmowers!

.  .  .  with fleece prized by fibre artists.

WOOL   WOOL   WOOL            WOOL   WOOL   WOOL

It's 2021 Lambing Season!  Reserve your 2021 Babydoll lamb now!

*See "About Us" for details

Cream Puff            &                Brownie

  The Two Sweetest Faces Among Our 2019 Lambs!

To get on the waiting list, please send $100 per lamb to via PayPal (adding 3% to cover their fees) or mail us a check or money order, and tell us what kind(s) of lamb(s) you prefer.  Balance of selling price is due upon receipt of lambs after weaning.  Your $100 deposit entitles you to buy one lamb on a first-come-first-served basis, except that those who buy a male (ram or wether) have priority over buyers of ewes only, and buyers of breeding groups consisting of a ram and one or more ewes have priority of choice of lambs, though not priority of availability, over other buyers.  Rockstair Farm reserves the right to keep lambs unsold at our sole discretion.  Making a deposit does not guarantee that there will be a lamb for you, and your deposit will be cheerfully refunded in full if no lamb of your preferred kind is available at weaning, otherwise it is non-refundable.  If available, a companion wether lamb may be purchased by a first-time buyer in lieu of buying a ewe when a second ewe is unwanted or unavailable. Because sheep are flock animals, solitary lambs will not be sold to anyone who owns no sheep, and because our lambs are raised for pets, no lambs will be sold for market (slaughter). NOTE: Dual-Registration fees are included in lamb prices except for wethers, which are not usually registered.

All of our sheep are 100% Babydoll Southdown Sheep dual-registered with both OEBMSSR (Mock) and NABSSAR.

The Lord is my Shepherd;  

                                              I shall not want.


Southdown Babydolls

We have many individual bags of raw Babydoll fleece available by sheep name.  Some of these are available as-is; others will be processed into roving and yarn.   Inquiries are welcome.