Rockstair Farm

Scooter's twins by Leo, ewes lambed 1/25

Dahlia's ewe by Cinnamon, lambed 3/1

Marguerite's twins by Mario, ewe and wether lambed 3/4

2020 Lambs

Lucy's twins by Cinnamon, ewes lambed 3/3.

Ewe                                                                                               Ram

Dorothy's twins by Mario, lambed 3/15

Poko's ram by Bilberry, lambed 4/4

NOTE: Some rams shown here may later be made wethers, depending on genotype test results or client requests.

Pirella's ewe by Bilberry, lambed 4/6

Ginger's ram by Bilberry, lambed 4/19

Joan's ewe by Cinnamon, lambed 3/4

Daffy's twins by Tuxedo, ram and ewe lambed 2/28